Assurance & Protection

We can provide the reassurance of financial protection for you

Financial protection can include a very broad spectrum and you might wish to consider cover for:


Your partner or spouse

Your family

Your business

Your income, or the income of other family members

Your health and the health of your family

We all want to protect the people and things that mean the most to us

The main purpose of life assurance is to provide money for those people who may depend on you financially, in the event of something happening to you. These people could include family members or business partners.

We provide specialist advice on:

Life cover

Critical illness cover

Income protection

Unemployment cover

Business protection

Health insurance



A life assurance policy pays out a tax-free sum of money when the person who is covered by the plan dies. The money is intended to pay off any outstanding debts and support your dependents financially by providing them with a further lump sum or a regular income.

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