Key man cover

Key man cover is insurance protection making sure that your business and its key stakeholders and key employees are going to be well protected under any circumstance in the absence of a key member.

How can we help?

We’ll give you much-needed peace of mind and advice you on how keyman cover can be applied to your business.

We’ll assess your business situation and give you advice on all factors that can affect you. Such as how you meet keyman cover eligibility, insurance rates, types of policies and how it will directly affect your business.

 We will explain the policies to you and make sure that we’ve covered all the necessary information you need to know.

We are committed to ensuring that the best key man cover research and comprehensive insurance are provided to you. We work with a panel of leading specialist insurance providers so that we can provide you with the most suitable keyman cover that suits your business needs.

What is keyman cover?

Keyman cover, are the insurance policies that protect and safeguard your business against the financial impact of the loss, death, or specified illness of key individuals. Examples of these individuals are the owner of your business and any other key employee you may have. It ensures that your business can still survive and thrive in the event of losing any key person.

Why choose keyman cover?

Keyman cover should be considered to make sure that the absence of a business key member does not negatively impact your business structure, processes such as sales and profits and the increased workload of your remaining employees. It’s financially designed to safeguard you and your business to recovery.


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