Mortgage Prison

Fighting Mortgage Imprisonment: Advocating for Homeowners in Belfast

In a recent parliamentary briefing, Jill Hume underscored the urgent need for legislative reforms to free mortgage prisoners and protect homeowners from financial entrapment. As part of the Mortgage Prisoner Action Group’s latest campaign launch, Hume emphasized the necessity for governmental intervention to halt the cycle of mortgage imprisonment. This campaign calls for change and pleas to safeguard the financial stability of countless families across Belfast and beyond.

The Mortgage Prisoner Action Group is championing several crucial reforms aimed at preventing further exploitation of homeowners.  One key reform is to cease sales to non-lenders, recognising that residential mortgages should not be commodified for profit. Additionally, the group advocates for a radical adaption of affordability criteria and the implementation of a ‘grandfather policy’ to address historic interest-only mortgages. Crucially, they’re pushing for the establishment of a compensation scheme to alleviate the financial burdens borne by mortgage prisoners, many of whom have been overcharged for years.

Personal narratives shared during the briefing shed light on the profound impact of mortgage entrapment on individuals and families. Amanda Wilson’s story is emblematic of the struggles faced by mortgage prisoners. Despite initially entering into a mortgage agreement with Northern Rock in 2007,  Wilson finds herself burdened with exorbitant monthly payments, forcing her into a relentless cycle of work and financial strain. Similarly, Spencer Shackelton’s revelation of feeling isolated and responsible for his predicament until finding solace in community support underscores the emotional toll of mortgage entrapment.

The plight of mortgage prisoners extends far beyond Belfast, resonating with individuals across the nation. Testimonies from various regions depict the harrowing consequences of financial exploitation underscoring the urgency of systemic change. SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes estimates that there are approximately 40,000 mortgage prisoners in Scotland alone, highlighting the scale of this pressing issue.

Amidst the backdrop of corporate profiteering and inflationary pressures, it’s evident that vulnerable homeowners are bearing the brunt of systemic injustices. While big corporations prioritise profit margins, ordinary families are forced to make agonising choices between necessities. As the cost of living crisis intensifies, it’s imperative to confront the pervasive greed that exacerbates financial hardship for countless individuals. Food and drink inflation reached 10.1% in the 12 months leading up to October 2023. Reports found that company profits increased by 30% amongst UK firms, an increase far beyond the increases in costs. This profiteering has had a huge impact on increasing inflation and as such has caused significant harm to our economy.

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