Could Northern Ireland become a free port?

Posted on October 09, 2018

Northern Ireland could be transformed into a business hub like Singapore or Rotterdam after Brexit, a business leader has said.

Tina McKenzie called for the country to be granted “free port” status, meaning all the UK’s trade would be processed through Northern Ireland to avoid the imposition of customs duties.

Ms McKenzie said: “We can make all the trade for the British Isles via Europe come through Northern Ireland.

“It does not physically have to come through Northern Ireland but it is all processed and traded through Northern Ireland.

“In that instance we could become like the Singapore of the western hemisphere.”

“So for us it is a no-brainer, it is good for everybody and there is not any party or government that sees that as a threat.”

She said it also solved Great Britain’s problem of getting trade in through a friendly port, therefore without worrying about different customs imposed at the other side.

“They have more control, I guess, with Northern Ireland being part of the UK".