NHS Strikes Lead to Dire Consequences For Hospital Waiting Times

NHS strikes have impacted already dire NHS waiting times. Astoundingly, more than 1.4 million NHS appointments have been delayed since strikes began in December 2022. It is expected that waiting times won’t return to the already unacceptable pre-covid levels until approximately 2030. It remains unclear whether more strikes are going to happen, but one thing is clear, the NHS is in crisis and should you or a family member become unwell, you can no longer rely upon our healthcare system. Worse still, it is widely known that Northern Ireland has the worst waiting times in all of the UK.

Whilst we can empathise with NHS staff, who are battling for fair pay, the repercussions of the strikes mean reduced staffing levels, canceled appointments and delayed treatments and procedures. Waiting times for essential treatments are skyrocketing, leaving patients in limbo and potentially worsening their health conditions and prolonging the suffering of those in need.

As a result of the negative impact of NHS Strikes and long outpatient waiting times, more and more people are taking out private healthcare policies. In the current climate, it is the only way to ensure adequate and timely healthcare. A major advantage of private healthcare is reduced waiting times.

Avoid long NHS waiting lists

The ongoing NHS strikes and the strain on the public health system have pushed waiting times to unprecedented lengths. In this critical time, securing timely medical care has become a major concern for many. At Mortgage Solutions Belfast, we understand the importance of your health and the stress associated with long waits for medical treatments.

This is why we are proud to offer specialised private health insurance solutions tailored to meet your individual health needs. Partnering with the UK’s leading healthcare providers, we ensure that you get access to top-tier medical facilities without the delays associated with the NHS. Our expert team can provide personalised advice and detailed comparisons among various private health insurance plans, enabling you to make an informed decision that best suits your health and financial circumstances.

By choosing private health insurance through Mortgage Solutions Belfast, you can bypass the long NHS queues and access the healthcare you need promptly and efficiently. 

Don’t let waiting times add to your health woes. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you secure reliable and swift healthcare coverage.

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