Building and Contents Insurance

With the ownership of your own property, having the right building and content insurance solution in place ensures that the necessary repairs and actions are carried out in any event that your property may suffer from any damage.

How can we help?

We offer expert advice from over 25 years of experience we understand that deciding the right buildings and contents insurance can be a tiring process, with the process of comparing different policies with different levels of cover.

 Our insurance advisors are dedicated to ensuring that we will find you the right policy and answer all your questions. We will help you work out the right cover and explain to you the different policy options that suits your situation.

At Mortgage Solutions, we are here to help you find the right buildings and content insurance, at the right price and with the right cover.

What is buildings and contents insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the outer structures such as walls, roofs, fixtures, fittings, kitchen units, bathroom units, doors, and windows.

Content insurance, that can include your garage or shed, covers all your belongings that can be removed such as carpets, curtains, furniture, light fittings and can also cover clothes, jewellery, and electrical items.  Buildings and contents insurance protects your properties such as your home, buildings, and the belongings inside it.

Buildings and contents insurance can either be purchased separately or as a combined policy to ensure your properties and belongings are protected. They cover all these aspects in the event caused by extreme weather, fire, water damage, other damages or stolen in burglary.


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