Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is a type of loan secured for businesses on a property that is not residential such as office buildings and large complexes. The mortgage is secured based on your business premises. They are priced individually and are dependent on specific factors such as your experience, your business situation, your industry sector, the quality of your tenants and the length of your lease.

How can we help?

Our specialist team believe that we can guide you through the process. We will find the right commercial lending solution and give you advice every step of the way. From the start, we will assess your financial situation and help you reach those requirements to ensure that you qualify for the right commercial mortgage. We will offer you all information, advise you on which products are the most suitable for your business and will give you additional advice on lender timelines to fit your business needs in securing the best property. We know choosing the right lender requires a great level of research and understanding and we are here to guide you toward the right solution.

What is Commercial Lending?

If you are deciding to expand your business or first time considering purchasing a commercial mortgage, it is a great opportunity and can be used for purchasing property, investment finance, property development or refurbishing owner-occupied business premises. First-time commercial lending can have more options available to them, an added benefit.

The Steps to your buy to let mortgage

Applying for a buy-to-let mortgage can prove difficult as it’s not as easy as getting a standard residential mortgage. If you’re looking to start investing in property but don’t have the savings to purchase the property outright, you would need to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage. However, there are certain criteria required to get approved.

You need to have a mortgage on an existing home or own your current home outright.

Your financial situation will be assessed including any current and previous debt, credit rating, salary, etc.

Many buy-to-let mortgages are provided on an interest-only basis, meaning that each month you'll only pay interest on the loan. You may need to be prepared to pay off the full loan or refinance at the end of the mortgage term.


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