Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance is a policy that covers the cost of medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ once the policy has started through a private healthcare provider. There are different levels of cover, with various premiums that cover the needs according to each specific situation.

How can we help?

Each situation is unique, and we are committed to finding you the right private medical insurance that gives you the benefits you need. We will assess your individual circumstance and ensure that we provide you with options and quotes that have the right payment premium and plan for you.

Choosing the right insurance can be a difficult process with many factors to take into consideration. We will do the legal work for you. This includes researching the different types of options available to you in the market, from the thousands available, ensuring that you receive the best benefit and level of cover.

We will thoroughly evaluate your situation, considering all factors that can contribute to the right plan for you. These factors include the type of medical treatments you need, the maximum level of coverage for these treatments, consultation needs, where the medical treatments are provided and other people that it affects such as your loved ones. The type of private medical insurance you choose impacts your premium and health plans and our team of experts will give you free advice and take their time helping you understand your options.

What is private medical insurance?

If you are receiving private medical treatment, private medical insurance is a policy that covers some or all the costs of your private treatment once the policy has started. There are different levels of coverage with different terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance can give you access to benefits and services and choosing the right insurance can provide benefits. It can complement the services of the NHS by providing timely access and your choice of healthcare.

 Added benefits include getting quicker treatments, quicker consultant referrals, quicker admission to private hospitals and better treatment time options that is convenient for you.

 It gives you the choice to choose your hospital and doctor, with instant direct care and covers treatment not available on the NHS that is advanced for example you have access to wider options of medical drugs not available through the NHS.

 We know that private medical insurance is critical in improving the quality of your treatment and want to make sure that you find the right solution.

What are our goals?

A key goal of our financial advisors is ensuring that you receive all the information regarding what your private medical insurance includes and doesn’t include. Private medical insurance usually covers the cost of hospital admission, diagnostic tests, scans, consultation fees, doctor and nursing fees, drugs, treatment, and surgeries needed. Our financial advice is free, and we consider all the aspects that you want to be covered.

What advice will we give?

The decision-making process of thinking about private medical insurance is important. We at Mortgage solutions will give you full and well-informed advice to help you get what you need.

Our financial team guarantees that our research will help you have the right cost and premium plan that reduces your cost and fits your financial needs.

We read the small print, to make sure you know exactly what is, what is not covered and that you know the limits of your insurance such as drug or treatment limits, excess options, no–claim discounts and wait periods.

Our priority is that you are provided with the right private medical solution with a premium, policy and terms and conditions that will improve your health care and minimise any financial burden.


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