Five reasons your mortgage application could be rejected (and what you can do to fix it!)

1. You have a poor credit history

Lenders want to see that you can be trusted with money. If you have poor credit, potential lenders will worry about your ability to make your monthly mortgage payment each month. Even if you have no credit rating at all, it can be harder to get a mortgage as lenders have no evidence to prove that you’re good at paying your debts off.

SOLUTION: If you have bad credit don’t despair; get a copy of your credit report to see where the issues are and take steps to improve them. A broker like us can help explain your credit report as we have access to lenders who will lend to you even with a bad credit history so it’s worth reaching out for help.

2. You’re not on the electoral register

Mortgage lenders will use the electoral register to make sure that you are who you say you are. They want to know where you’ve been living for at least three years and to do this they check the electoral register to check it matches the information provided on your application.

SOLUTION: Visit… and complete your application. Doing this isn’t just good for your address history, but it can help improve your credit score too!

3. Affordability

This is one of the biggest factors that a lender will take into consideration when deciding whether to lend to you. Lenders vary in how they assess your mortgage affordability. One lender may be less risk-averse and be willing to provide you with a higher loan in comparison with a different lender who is only prepared to lend you a fraction of what you need.

SOLUTION: Experienced mortgage brokers like us understand each lender’s criteria as we speak to them on a daily basis. Knowing where to place your mortgage should is second nature to us!

4. You only have a small deposit

It is widely accepted that the bigger your deposit, the more a bank may be willing to lend to you. This is because applicants with smaller deposits are considered riskier to banks who, of course, must protect themselves first and foremost.

SOLUTION: We can help you to work out how much deposit you will need to buy your first home and how to speed up your saving efforts. Alternatively, we can help you explore ‘no deposit’ options through shared ownership.

5. A mistake

You could have had your mortgage declined because of a mistake on your credit report.

SOLUTION: Check your credit report then come and see us. We can go over your report in detail, identifying any mistakes and help you to ask for any errors to be corrected.

Where to go for help if your mortgage application is declined. Here at the Mortgage Solutions Belfast, we always recommend you use a mortgage broker. This is especially true if you have had a mortgage application declined. We know the market and know what lending criteria applies. This means we can match you to the right lender for your personal circumstances. We can also help to assess your previous application and work out where things went wrong.

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